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When I was a kid, entertainment options on the road were few and far between. We had a few simple digital games as to choose from which were, for the most part, repetitive and boring after maybe 5 minutes of playing. It would be another few years before the Nintendo Game Boy came along and added variety to the available games.

Thanks to a combination of technology improving in leaps and bounds along with the gaming industry reaching popularity levels beyond expectation, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in both the variety of mobile games and mobile gaming devices, as well as improvement in the quality of mobile games being released, making life on the road significantly less boring. Here are our favorite handheld gaming devices:

Nintendo 3DSXL/2DSXL

When the Nintendo 3DS was announced it was met with a lot of skepticism, especially by Sony loyalists who were sure that the PSP would eat the quirky little handheld alive. Today, the PSP is remembered fondly while the 3DS is still getting successful releases. With a wide variety of games for both serious gaming as well as casual gamers, the 3DS remains a popular mobile gaming choice.

Nintendo Switch

Another Nintendo product that was met with skepticism, the Switch works as both a console AND a mobile gaming device. Being a newer console, the Switch doesn’t offer as many titles as the 3DS, but it does offer higher quality games thanks to its better processing power. In addition, there’s a third-party developer that has a projector for the Switch that allows you to project your gaming on the walls of your trailer!

Razer Phone

Believe it or not, one of the best mobile gaming devices available is a smartphone. Not just any smartphone, however. Razr, a company known primarily for making gaming peripherals, released a smartphone geared primarily towards gaming. For those of us living on the road, a combination smartphone and gaming device is super useful, especially if you don’t own your own vehicle.

Do you have a favorite gaming device? What games do you like to play on the go?

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