They say that civilization began when the ancient nomadic tribes decided to settle down in one area and start building their lives there.  Even after hundreds of years of civilization telling people that settling down is a clear sign of stability and success, some of us still can’t settle down in one place.

For some people, however, settling down just isn’t in the cards. While some people have to move around because of work, some of us just can’t bring ourselves to settle down in one place: modern nomads.

The first nomads had to rely on experience, luck, and maps that may have lost accuracy over time. Fortunately, the modern nomad has a wide array of technological marvels to plot travel courses, find food, and provide entertainment!

With all these apps, tech, and toys at our disposal, the problem faced by modern nomads is WHICH of these are the best for him or her? That’s what we at My Fly Screen are here for! With tips, reviews, and more, we’re here to make sure that you get the most out of your modern nomad lifestyle.

Our goal is to help everyone, whether they’re nomads, travellers on a cross-country vacation, or first-timers on their first extended road trip by providing a solid base where they can get up-to-date and relevant information on choosing equipment, staying safe, staying healthy, and staying happy on the road.